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10 DECEMBER 2014

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Who are Contagious?


Contagious helps brands and advertising agencies understand and adapt to shifts in marketing, consumer culture and technology. Our dedicated consultancy division, Contagious Insider, delivers hands-on help to effect change in our clients’ companies.


Contagious Magazine, our hard-copy quarterly publication analyses the world’s most innovative brands, and learns from the people behind them. An online intelligence service, Contagious I/O is Contagious’ collaborative and fully customisable research platform. Contagious events attract delegates from the world’s smartest brands, agencies and businesses.


What is Most Contagious?


Most Contagious is an annual, uniquely curated innovation event in London staged by Contagious. Most Contagious celebrates the biggest innovations and analyses the most impactful marketing from the year to decipher what influence these will have on the immediate future for brands and advertising.


The event includes a full day conference programme, with Contagious consultants as well as expert guest speakers, a series of interactive workshops, an awards scheme, and an exhibition to showcase disruptive start-ups, innovative new technologies and the makers behind them.


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Most Contagious 2014 speakers are yet to be announced.

If you’d like to propose a speaker, simply fill out the form. The deadline for speaker suggestions is October 1.


Click on the videos below to watch presentations from OUR 2013 guest speakers.

Fernando Machado

Fernando Machado /


Rob Newlan

Rob Newlan /


Ivan Poupyrev

Ivan Poupyrev /

Walt Disney Company

Eoghan Crawford

Eoghan Crawford /

Mondelez International Ireland

Kenneth Cukier

Kenneth Cukier /

The Economist

Ed Sanders

Ed Sanders /


Rick Ridgeway

Rick Ridgeway /


Erik Hersman

Erik Hersman /

BRCK and Ushahidi



Coinciding with the tenth anniversary edition of Contagious magazine, this year’s Most Contagious will take a unique look at 2014 through the lens of marketing’s most dynamic and disruptive decade, putting tomorrow into context for the modern marketer as only Contagious can. 


Plenty more to come, but confirmed topics so far include:



We’ll look at the brands who’ve stopped talking about Big Data and started doing something with it, turning bits and bytes into actionable insights and new opportunities and pinpointing the creative and strategic advantages of data divination.



Liberated from the box-ticking CSR of yesterday, the world’s most engaging brands have an inherent sense of selflessness. We’ll showcase the pacesetters who are changing the world and building their business at the same time.



Whether putting tools in the hands of people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them or taking a stance against social inequalities, brands are playing an increasingly active role addressing global issues. We’ll dig into how and why brands are helping people stand up and be counted.



We’ll frame up the key trends & most contagious stories of the year and deliver need-to-know insights for 2014, from Mobile Messaging and World Cup campaigns to superior Personalisation and Branded Currencies.


more to come, but confirmed for 2014 so far are…


BleepBleeps /

BleepBleeps are a colourful collection of connected devices that help everyone become a great parent. Little guys that help you get pregnant, give birth, look after your baby and raise your child. Each device connects to the cloud and our smartphone app to give you access to simple tools, guidance and content. Each of the BleepBleeps characters has a face, a name, a personality and a story. And they each make a unique bleep bleep sound when activated, hence the name BleepBleeps.


Our product design and tonality is inspired by the simple form and colours of children’s building blocks combined with the characterfulness of designer vinyl toys and the lightheartedness of the Alessi brand. This design language makes us unique in the health/gadget category, appealing to design-literate parents plus instantly connecting with kids.


Our ultimate aim is to create a fun, modern, trusted parenting brand.

Portal Entertainment

Portal Entertainment /

Portal Entertainment is a UK based premium digital entertainment company that makes thriller/psychological horror content for tablets that react to your face.They work with the biggest thriller writer in the UK, Peter James (14 million books sold), the biggest horror studio Hammer a Films, and the biggest media services provider Pinewood (Star Wars and James Bond.In the US we have signed a development deal with Warner Bros and have pipeline with Universal and Fox Digital Studios.


Portal Entertainment exists to make premium digital ‘immersive entertainment’: stories where the audience take part in them.


Teddy The Guardian

Teddy The Guardian /

Teddy The Guardian looks like a normal plush teddy bear. He’s got big ears and a squishy nose. And he feels soft and warm to touch. The difference is what’s inside. He’s full of sensors to track the vital signs of the kid who is playing with him.


Developed in the EU, Teddy The Guardian is carefully designed to enable paediatricians, medical staff as well as parents in the later phases to have a clear, structured, reliable and frequent enough insight into essential health parameters like heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature, and stress levels by deploying innovative and children friendly approach disguised in a plush bear. When a child holds the bear close and interacts with him, readings are sent to a tablet, smartphone or a web application making paediatricians job easier, results more relevant and children less stressed out.

Nexus Stage

Nexus Stage /

The convergence of digital and physical worlds has been a major trend so far in 2014. The launch of NEXUS STAGE puts an unexpected twist on this with the launch of a new platform for public digital interaction with real world outcomes.


Conceived by Nexus director Jim Le Fevre with Nexus Interactive Arts the platform seamlessly merges together a physical and digital environment and is an exciting innovation in the world of site-specific multi-user interactivity via your mobile phone.


NEXUS STAGE seamlessly merges a physical and digital environment together to create a unique magical interactive visual experience. It allows multi-user interactive experiences to take place across physically built environments that are completely dynamic, both digitally and mechanically. It borrows all the interaction possibilities of regular screen-based experiences, but fully integrates it into an environment that is real. The product is aimed at the entertainment, cultural and advertising industries and offers a completely new platform in which to create bespoke
social experiences.


NEXUS STAGE has been funded by IC tomorrow, a Technology Strategy Board programme, as well as supported by project partners Ogilvy Labs and JCDecaux.

Nexus Stage /

Mixed Reality Lab

Mixed Reality Lab /

Mixed Reality Lab – City University


The Mixed Reality Lab is a trans-disciplinary space, researching cutting-edge sensory innovations and creativity. We work to empower individuals and societies to meet global challenges and seize future opportunities. Our projects are designed to meet social needs through collaborative design, methods and techniques. We aim to design multi-sensory (including touch, smell and taste) communication to enhance the value of the internet and new technologies that can contribute to the worthy cause of social innovation.


At Most Contagious 2014 you will be able to explore Scentee: the device that connects to a smartphone and emits the smell of your favourite meal; experience the world’s first tele-hug ring: RingU (pictured), which delivers a remote hug; and stimulate your taste buds with the Electric Taste Machine.

Incendiary Reflection

Incendiary Reflection /


Do all of our emotions really come from inside ?


This mirror is designed to influence your emotional state by reflecting your facial expression as a slightly different one. You may not be changing your facial expression, but your face in the mirror will look happy or sad. What you see in the mirror looks like you. So, if you see your face smiling in the mirror, you will unconsciously recognize the change in the mirror as one actually occurring inside your body–and actually become happier.

Incendiary Reflection /



The EmoSPARK is the first artificial intelligence (AI) console empowered by you. Learning from you and your family the cube, which will interact on a conversational level, takes note of your feelings and reactions to audio and visual media. It learns to like what you like, and with your guidance, recognises what makes you feel happy.
It learns to recognise your face and voice, along with your family members, as well as becoming familiar with the times when you are feeling a little down in the dumps. Then it can play the music it knows you enjoy, or recall a photograph or short video of happier events. You will be in control of how you interact and engage with the EmoSPARK, which is an Android powered Wi-Fi/Bluetooth cube.
The cube, like any family member, soon gets to know and recognise the likes and dislikes of the people around it. Likewise with its unique Emotion Processing Unit, you can watch the ever changing display of colours that form and blend in the iris of the eye of the cube indicating how it is “feeling” at any particular moment.


BuffaloGrid /



The mobile phone is the most successful electronic device in history. It is the first and only device to reach the most remote rural and low-income regions of the world. This success is due to a simple business model: Mobile Network Operators provide the infrastructure and run an accessible service that everyone wants. Following this example BuffaloGrid is doing what mobile network operators did for telecommunication to electrical power.


The UN says “Mobile phones are the biggest contributor to economic growth in off-grid rural populations”. But keeping a phone charged when off-grid is frustrating and expensive. People travel large distances to charge their phones, pay for the world’s most expensive electricity, and lose their phones for half a day while they charge. Twice a week.


BuffaloGrid offers power to rural people in the developing world.


BuffaloGrid  has created a profitable and patent-pending way to reliably deliver power to remote areas. It makes power affordable. A charged phone means access to services such as mobile-banking, water point mapping, and eventually the internet and the world.


BuffaloGrid makes billing and promotion possible, because it knows exactly who power goes to. No other system has this mix of secure information and easy access, which we believe is the key to bringing mobile network operators into the power distribution market.


BuffaloGrid is a gateway for new types of power services, billing and promotion that bring remote rural villages into the information age. The phones and network infrastructure exist, what is needed is a way to power them. BuffaloGrid solar powered Hubs bring power to people, right where it’s needed.  A decentralised energy source is the key to bringing power to widely distributed off-grid people.  At BuffaloGrid we believe that people need access to power, not ownership of inefficient or polluting power solutions.


BuffaloGrid uses clean solar power, which increases access to safe phone charging and lighting, reducing respiratory complaints and indirectly tackling other problems such as the danger created by kerosene lamps that claim the lives of 1.5 million people each year, over half of which are under the age of five. Having safe lighting also means that people can be more productive through the dark hours, allowing children to study for longer.


BuffaloGrid Hubs can also be used to provide off-grid power for a range of vital uses from medical to educational applications, bringing economic growth to rural communities around the world.

BuffaloGrid /

Previous exhibitors include:

Visualise & Oculus Rift

Visualise & Oculus Rift /

Orange Labs

Orange Labs /

Rasperry Pi

Rasperry Pi /

Huit Denim

Huit Denim /

Botanicus Interacticus

Botanicus Interacticus /

The Twitter Dress

The Twitter Dress /


NeuroSky /

Makie Labs

Makie Labs /

most contagious awards

The Most Contagious Awards are a chance for us to recognise the companies and communications we believe are changing the world for the better.


You don’t get a Most Contagious Award for snappy art direction or an ROI of 3728% on your social media campaign (although that is impressive). You get it for demonstrating the transformational power of creativity.


Our awardees come in a variety of sizes and from a variety of places, and we also give you the chance to have your say about the Most Contagious companies that are rewriting the rules of business.


At the end of the event, delegates vote to decide the Most Contagious Idea of the Year Award.


Goldieblox founder and CEO, Debbie Stirling, picking up the Most Contagious Small But Perfectly Formed Company award in New York last year.


2013 Purpose Award

2013 Purpose Award /


2013 Service Award

2013 Service Award /


2013 Technology Award

2013 Technology Award /


2013 Retail Award

2013 Retail Award /


2013 Design Award

2013 Design Award /


2013 SBPF Award

2013 SBPF Award /


Last Year’s Attendees




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